For Solar Investors and Lenders

Clean Power Finance connects capital markets with the solar industry.

We manage solar finance products on behalf of investors and lenders and provide a variety of risk management, underwriting and asset management services.

CPF Makes it Easy to Invest in Residential Solar Assets

You Provide the Financing. We’ll Do the Rest.

  • We originate home solar deals through CPF Tools®, our proprietary solar sales software. Our online platform, the CPF Market®, connects you with the largest network of qualified solar professionals in the United States. We use the power of that network to deploy your capital efficiently, providing steady deal flow volume at scale.
  • We underwrite the consumers, solar systems and installers according to your criteria, ensuring that your assets are deployed to achieve maximum return on investment with minimal risk.
  • And we service your portfolio of systems as soon as they start producing electricity. Our comprehensive asset management services include operations and maintenance, production monitoring and consumer billing.

Put Your Capital to Work

Position Yourself for Advantage in a Rapid-Growth Market.

Residential solar – also known as “distributed generation” or DG solar – is a consumer-backed asset with attractive returns and managed risk. Major banks, corporations and power companies use the CPF platform to invest in residential solar systems. Clean Power Finance (CPF) and other electric power industry leaders estimate the total addressable market to be $1TN. Put your capital to work today to take advantage of one of the fastest-growing U.S. markets.

Deploy Capital in Volume, at Scale

Access the Largest Network of Solar Professionals in the U.S.

CPF connects you with the broadest network of qualified solar professionals in the U.S. Vertically integrated models are only as strong as their weakest link. Networks like ours are as strong as their strongest node. Our solar channel partners specialize in origination, installation and distribution. Finance products are currently available to more than 250 approved solar partners in nine states: AZ, CA, CO, CT, HI, MA, MD, NJ and NY.
CPF works closely with our solar partners to rapidly deploy your capital in volume so you can start earning returns.

Transparency across Your Portfolio

CPF Keeps You Informed at Every Stage of Your Investment.

As a service provider, CPF charges low, transparent transaction and asset management fees, which allows our fund investors to trust us with their capital. Our profitability is proportional to your return. We provide you with critical insights into solar market dynamics and help you adjust your fund parameters to achieve your goals. In addition, CPF provides regular reports about your portfolio’s performance and gives you access to real-time data so you can optimize your return.

Your Fund, Your Preferences

Financial Services Support Your Goals.

CPF works with you to develop a portfolio profile based on your needs and preferences. You control the variables of your fund, including geography, finance product mix, and consumer credit profile, among others. Our risk management services and careful underwriting to your criteria minimize risk while you capture returns.

Partner with the Solar Experts

Work with the Creators of the Residential Solar Finance Industry.

We are the residential solar finance experts. CPF’s CEO Nat Kreamer helped create today’s multibillion-dollar market when he sold the first residential solar power purchase agreement (PPA) in the U.S. in 2007. To date, CPF has raised more than a billion dollars in third-party owned project financing.

Our Renewable Capital Markets (RCM) and Legal teams have years of experience raising billions of dollars in residential, commercial and utility solar financing. Our management team consists of experienced solar industry executives from multiple top-tier solar installation and sales companies; they have managed solar operations and installations and trained hundreds of solar sales representatives to sell solar financing.

For More Information

If you are an institutional investor interested in learning more about our services, please download our Investor Kit.

You can also contact the RCM team directly via email with questions or to request our bi-monthly RCM News Brief, which offers investors a round-up of recent news, relevant research and expert commentary on the U.S. solar industry.

Please note that we do not currently have investment opportunities for individuals making personal investments.